To organize your event

Service providers

In our 35 years of property rentals we have met many service providers for large events and weddings. Here is the list of the ones we both found professional and reasonably priced.


Stéphane Lachance (Manager)
1 866 880-1044
Productions Rayn L'Art du Rythme Inc.
Équipe Booking Michel Légaré
Animator and corporate voice of event
1 855-625-6625
STAFF - Personnel événementiel

Bar service

West Bar
Mobile cocktail bar
Serveur / Waiter
Waiter / waitress


Les trois becs
10955 Boul. Ste-Anne, Beaupre
418 827-4372
Restaurant Le Montagnais
450 Boul.Ste-Anne, Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre
418 827-3681
Cosmos Traiteur
418 653-1925
Montégo traiteur
418 688-7991
Madame C et Monsieur B traiteur gourmand
STAFF - Personnel événementiel

Chef at home and cocktail reception

Les trois becs
10955 Boul. Ste-Anne, Beaupre
418 827-4372
Chef exécutif privé haut de gamme
418 826-1121


Église de St-Joachim
Magnificent little historic church located 5 minutes from our Manor for a religious wedding.

Event planning

Martin Fortin
Event planning (organization, decorations, equipment, table service, bar)
418 570-4959
Event planning
418 569-0446
Événements Glamour
STAFF - Personnel événementiel

Flowers and decoration

Signature décor
Sarah Bédard
418 681-1188
Beau-Pré Fleuriste
418 827-3196
Jolies Fleurs (IGA)
418 826-3441

Gastronomic dinner (delivered)

Ha la vache
Les trois becs
10955 Boul. Ste-Anne, Beaupre
418 827-4372
Faux Berger

Music, lighting, video and animation

Stéphane Lachance (Manager)
1 866 880-1044
Productions Rayn L'Art du Rythme Inc.
STAFF - Personnel événementiel


Les productions musicales Guillaume Renaud
Jazz, classical and popular musicians
(418) 524-7121

Officiant for ceremonies

Rév. Louis Lafrance



Chapiteau National


Whether you are planning a small or a large wedding, during summer or winter, these guidelines will assure you peace of mind and safety.

Tent installation

If you plan on having an outdoor ceremony or if you are having more guests than the house can hold, make sure you tell us about it. If it is on grass at one of our smaller houses, flooring is mandatory to not damage our lawns and your shoes in case of rain.


Municipal laws allow you to make a reasonable amount of noise until 11h00 PM. Afterwards we recommend moving the party indoors.

Lawn and ceremony furniture

We have lawn chairs for 75 people provided at the Manor, other houses have a quantity of chairs proportional to their sleeping capacity. We do rent the houses for many other purposes than weddings so the chairs might not be perfectly white. Most caterers as well as Signature Decor and tent rentors can provide you with the furniture you need.


Two of our houses have kitchen which are overly equipped for their size: The Manor and Chez Albert. Their kitchens are equipped for larger groups. For other properties, kitchens are equipped for the house's capacity.


These are strictly forbidden into our houses because they stain deeply into our floors. An important amount of money must then be requested from you to clean them up.


You and your guests are allowed to bring alcohol to any reception in our properties. Quebec law however forbids you from selling alcohol on premises. For more information on how to get an alcohol licence (in order to sell alcohol on premises), click here: Quebec Liquor Board.